9:50 09/11/2016
Nick Srnicek – 1 h · (via Facebook)

Quick thoughts. The immediate effects of Trump are (1) an end to the Paris Agreements and any attempt to stop climate change. Prepare for a 4°C+ warmer world and mass migration. (2) A ramping up of racism and xenophobia across the world. Expect the far right to surge across Europe next year (11 elections are set for 2017, and some outright fascists seem likely to win). (3) An end to neoliberal hegemony in favour of some form of increasingly authoritarian post-liberalism, combined with at least marginal efforts to help the (white) “losers of globalisation”. I imagine May will be taking cues from Trump, as will the rest of the European far right.
What’s needed: (1) more activism like Standing Rock to block carbon-intensive infrastructure from coming into being. We’ve known governments won’t stop climate change, but now the leading economy will be actively seeking to drive up carbon emissions (e.g. Trump advisor last night was salivating over how the US needs fracking and coal for jobs). (2) Immediate and concrete efforts to defend migrants and PoC, and building up support networks. BLM is obviously already doing great work here. (3) And a populist and utopian left-wing ideology. Piecemeal technocratic reforms won’t suffice, and there needs to be an alternative on offer to the apparent security and comfort that post-neoliberalism is presenting to the public.

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