16:06 20/11/2016

“The debate about accelerationism has been violent and vituperative. Here I want to consider the battle over the notion of the future. Accelerationism, in its various forms, has often claimed a monopoly on the future. The argument is that only by engaging with capitalist forms of technology and abstraction can we envisage a future beyond capitalism. Neoliberal capitalism only provides more of the same, while accelerationism can force a new future into being or even invent the future. Here I want to consider various alternative futures, which are, at least, reactionary, if not fascist. My suggestion is accelerationism does not have a monopoly on the future and needs to consider how these reactionary futures engage certain forms of technology and abstraction to malign ends. Rather than continuing a polemic with accelerationism, one that has exhausted its novelty, the battle being fought here, tonight, is a battle to think the present as a warzone in which our future is at stake.”

-Aceleracionismo: posee el monopolio del futuro; solo comprometiendose con las formas de abstracción y de tecnologia del capitalismo podemos percibir un futuro más allá del capitalismo
-Neoliberalismo: más de lo mismo (neoliberalismo=conservadurismo); qué conservan los conservadores? Viejas formas, posiciones y sujetos de poder.
-Futurismo, analisis, formas reaccionarias de futuro.


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