12:17 23/11/2016
Entrevista con Larry Wall:

Gluing the Web Together: An Interview with Larry Wall By Alicia Dougherty, April 17, 1998 (ZD Internet User)

People will accept a new thing much better if it already resembles something they’re familiar with or the way they are already thinking about things. A musician would say “A musical piece lays under the fingers-it looks hard but it is easy to play.” Another way of thinking of it is [by analogy:] At the University of California at Irvine, when they first built its campus, they just planted grass. Then they waited a year and looked at where people had made paths in the grass and built the sidewalks there.
I did the same thing with Perl. I looked at the paths people liked to traverse in UNIX, and distilled them down to a language that still in many ways contains the essence of UNIX.


–Llaman “lineas de deseo” a los caminos que los peatones hacen a pesar de las estructuras y estrias del territorio hechas por los planificadores y urbanistas. Esa es una muestra de la divergencia entre Equipamiento y Agenciamiento.
–Estuve leyendo ademas algunas cosas sobre teoría de Grafos.



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