16:11 23/12/2016

“In the book ‘Exit, Voice, and Loyalty’ by Albert O. Hirschman, he defines a conceptual framework where a person, when confronted with declining quality of performance from an organization, can choose one of the methods listed in the book title for dealing with the situation; they can exit (leave the organization), attempt to voice their concerns, or remain loyal.
Mencius Moldbug draws from this work.
In ‘Patchwork: a positive vision’, Moldbug, aka Curtis Yarvin, delineates a hypothetical society where sovereignty is carved up into patches, (city states) and where each person is free to move between them but no one votes within them. In Moldbug’s vision, each state is a corporation which owns a territory. It is a system of all exit and no voice. This is precisely the opposite of; a system of all voice and no exit. Moldbug views democracy as a soft variant of communism (like some of the ancient philosophers), and therefore he considers America a communist country. This is what is meant by the neoreactionary phrase “America is a communist country.”

Salida, voz, lealtad=¿cuál es el grado de cada uno de ellos en tal o cual organización?



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