16:03 26/12/2016
En The Anti-Puritan:
“In the modern world there is no absence of imposition, no condition of “freedom.” If humans refuse to define rules for their existence they simply relinquish the territory to technological determinism. This can have a truly drastic cost, as we see with birth control whose negative effects on society include;
1. Compelling women who would not otherwise be promiscuous into that lifestyle.
2. Warping female consciousness into the self-deception of celebrating ones sexual enslavement as a “choice.”
3. Making a “virtue” out of racial extinction.
4. Producing mass abortion.
5. Causing female hypergamy to go on overdrive into choice paralysis.
6. Creating men who enable all of this, and who use women habitually.
7. Producing millions of “cucked” “beta” males.
8. Creating massive economic demand for pornography by said males.
9. Destroying the marriage rate.
10. Causing epidemic levels of single motherhood.
11. Warping the will or the people, such that the people are unwilling to save themselves from technology’s negative effects because it has irrevocably ruined their morals for the worse.
12. Producing a philosophy of anti-values in the form of feminism that represents the psychological internalization of insane material conditions as an insane ideology.
13. Causing feminist philosophy, as a secondary effect, to produce a worsening of sexual and marriage conditions beyond the simple first-order material conditions caused by birth control itself.
14. Causing feminism to oppose any attempt at genuine reform oF society /HABRÍA QUE PENSAR BIEN ESTO/ since feminist women have been driven insane by the corruption of morals that material conditions have produced. /BUEH, CUALQ/



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