21:18 02/01/2017
Sacado de The Anti-Puritan:

Do you really think I wouldn’t see muther fucking Adolph coming? Figuring out how neurotypicals go insane is my lifelong hobby, like entomology. It’s what I do. It’s a survival skill everyone like me develops. We must predict the normies. They’re dangerous to us.
If this is the way the world is to be; a vast herd following a tiny, mostly insane minority of ideologues, then the sensible solution is to quarantine the philosophers in their own republic. Let them live. Give them a garden paradise even. No need for it to be drab. But let them live apart. Because the neurotypicals are never going to stop obeying orders and the ideologues are never going to stop issuing them. Herds need the absolute absence of thought to function. They need ideological security. Thinkers need freedom.

//pensamiento derechoso_1 :: los pobres (neurotípicos de nivel_0) no pueden ver cual decisión los pone en una mejor o una peor situación + Los dispositivos democraticos-neoliberales alientan las malas decisiones.



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