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How to Beat Writer’s Block, por McKenzie Wark — November 8, 2013

These games are offered as solutions for two kinds of problems. One is writer’s block. Let’s be done with the waiting for ‘inspiration’. Let’s just get to work. All one has to overcome is one’s resistance to labor. The other problem is the opposite: our facility with writing, but always writing the same thing. Let’s be done with our habits of thought!

// plan: elegir alguno de estos juegos y seguirlo, escribir algunos por semana //

juego RIMBAUD / DERRANGMENT OF THE SENSES – Go wild, cut loose. Be done with middle class life for a while. Don’t work. Fuck the wrong people. Get high. At the very least, get high.

juego LAUTRÉAMONT / DETOURNÉMENT – Plagiarism is necessary, progress implies it. Take a passage, say from a writer about play. Copy it, but correct it. Ideas can improve. Copy another passage, and improve it. Erase the false idea within the copied text, and insert the corrected one.

juego Hugo BALL / RANDOMNESS ENTERS THE LANGUAGE – Take a text, maybe one you like. Cut it up into little pieces. Put the pieces in a bag. Draw the pieces out one at a time. Arrange them however you want. You can select words from the pieces or rearrange them to forma actual sentences, so long as the first choice is random.

juego PEREC / OULIPIAN CONTRAINTS – Make it easy by making it hard! (…) Or: make up your own constraints.

juego STEIN / WORK IS WORKING – Write a sentence claiming X. Write a sentence refuting X. Write a sentence reconciling X and not-X. Write a sentence refuting the reconciliation. Write a sentence claiming X.

juego BECKETT / LESS IS LESS – Take a paragraph. Theory writing is a good start. Replace every word with the simplest one you can. Replace words with Norman or Latinate roots with Saxon ones. And not too many. And no dependent clauses.

juego KRISTEVA / ABJECTION OBJECTION – Take a sentence, identify the object and subject of the sentence. Find the third term – the abject – which is excluded by the split between object / subject, but which somehow messes with the difference.

juego DEBORD / DETOURNÉMENT REDUX – Ideas improve. The improving of ideas can improve. Take not just one but several texts from which to copy. Combine and juxtapose. Détournement may have sub-rules. Maybe the reversal of the sense of a copied sentence is not the only kind of détournement. Maybe copying both major and minor texts together might be productive, and the minor ones might contribute a particular flavor.

juego MESMER / FLARF – Take some texts, maybe about play. Select some words from the text. The stranger the better. Use combinations of those search terms to mine google for strange texts, things you would not otherwise know existed. Select the most interesting and use as your raw material. Any other game rules can now be applied to this material.

Process is all; intention is nothing; and product just is what it is.

¿Cómo procesar todo esto, cómo procesar las informaciones que me paso devorando pero muchas veces sin ningún apetito? Podría reescribir ciertos textos, desarrollar lo que no puedo ya inventar… [esto apesta a debilidad].



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